*Both programs are run simultaneously in each class and vary in degree not in difficulty or intensity.



The Fitness Program is a fundamentals focused program.
It is designed for those who are just learning and developing the movements.
The weights are lighter and the movements are sometimes modified.
For Levels: Beginner, Novice
The Performance Program is a fundamentals program with a bigger focus on more technical movements.
The weights are heavier and the movements are generally higher skill.
For Levels: Intermediate, Expert
  • Brief Description of the workout and strategy
  • Coach Run Dynamic Warm-Up specific to the day's movements
  • Coach Review of any skills, lifts or movements applicable to that day
  • Execution of the Skill/Lift (if applicable)
  • Brief Rehearsal of the workout
  • Workout
  • Cash out (if time allows)
Housekeeping and Notes:

  • We have a check-in area on our Ipads for all members and visitors when arriving for class (you can also check-in from your phone)
  • We have an automated Ipad system dedicated to in-house retail purchases
  • We have an open area cubby for storage of personal items and a seating area
  • We have 2 bathrooms (men/women) with showers and changing area
  • We provide pre-sized high-end speed ropes (and we do recommend you purchase your own at some point)
  • We have drinks for purchase ranging from Water and Kill Cliff to Gatorade
  • We have snacks available for purchase (Bars, Packets, Protein, etc)
  • We have OTG gear available for purchase (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Tape, etc)
  • Please bring water, towel, any equipment you'll think you'll need, a smile and a great attitude.
  • We have a mobility room called the 'ROM Room' with foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, etc that you may use at your leisure