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David Loftus
January 2018
David is full of fun, integrity and is still eager to learn and grow His smile and attitude are contagious.  David is just over 1 year into CrossFit and is extremely caochable. He has a naturally competitive nature and is equally supportive.  If you want the full 'David' experience he'll be throwing down at the famous 5am class.  And if you haven't met him yet, go up and say HI!

David is 52 years old and is a Director of Hotel Operations at Flagship Resort and Seargant at Arms of the 5am class. David's been working out most of his life and can't get enough pull ups, deadlifts and cleans in a workout. His favorite workout is FRAN?!

Outside of OTG, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, Juliette, and playing tennis, racquetball and guitar.
Congratulations David!  We're so proud to have you in our Community and proud to call you our 2018 OTG Member of the Month - Mr. January!  Stay focused and driven and you'll continue to achieve all that you set out - in and out of the gym.

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