Tom Bordonaro
October 2019
Tom is a fun, driven and hardworking athlete who loves a good challenge. He's a Firefighter/EMT in Brigantine. He'll have been a member of OTG for 2 years next month.

Tom is a staple at our 4:30pm classes but you can almost always find him throwing down on a Sunday morning. He loves Bar Muscle Ups, Bag Tosses and looong chippers and is currently working on Ring Muscle Ups and dialing in his mobility/recovery. 

His favorite part of OTG is our Community. When he's not throwing down in the gym, he's either golfing, playing hockey or enjoying the History Channel.

Congrats Tom! We are so thankful and proud to have you in the OTG community and excited to call you 2019's October Member of the Month!

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