Morgan Gaines-Hunt
November 2018
Morgan is a Bus Operator for NJ Transit. You can typically find her at a 6:30pm class. While she has not been a part of our community at Crossfit OTG very long (6 months), she's had some incredible results, down 25lbs and 4in on her waist!

Morgan is fun, kind and light-hearted and always has a smile on her face. She's always there to cheer on and support the other athletes at the box.

Morgan's favorite movements are pretty much anything weightlifting oriented and now has conquered the elusive double unders.

Congratulations Morgan!  We're so proud to have you in our Community and proud to call you our 2018 OTG Member of the Month - Ms. November!  Stay focused and driven and you'll continue to achieve all that you set out - in and out of the gym.

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