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May 2021

J Pacquings success story

J Pacquing

A natural athlete, J Pac is always brining more fun to every workout. If he's not out surfing or snowboarding, J is the guy you want to be throwing down next to. J's got all the skills and he's a great example of how hard work pays off. We wish J many mor...

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April 2021

Mike Latronicas success story

Mike Latronica

Mike is an absolute staple of our PM lineup of classes. A punk rock and hockey loving athlete, Mike has been steadily improving his fitness and his movement every day since joining. No stranger to adversity, we look up to Mike for battling and pushing his...

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March 2021

Becca Klabes success story

Becca Klabe

Becca is the rock of OTG. She's consistent not only in how often she's here, but in her mindset and willingness to get better. You might catch her giving the death stare to her coach... :), but inside we know she's up for any challenge. We are proud of ho...

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February 2021

Shannon Ellenbarts success story

Shannon Ellenbart

We are excited to have Shannon Ellenbart as our February MOTM!!! In the gym, Bart is an outstanding athlete with an even better attitude. It’s easy to see how hard she works and watching her power through workouts is amazing. Good luck staying as to...

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January 2021

Eileen Lipshultzs success story

Eileen Lipshultz

Eileen is a former Division-I rower and has jumped into CrossFit and made huge strides! Super strong and athletic, you can catch Eileen crushing the erg (obviously!) and moving some serious LBs on the barbell. We love having Eileen in class and it's commo...

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December 2020

Marybeth Fairs success story

Marybeth Fair

An amazing endurance athlete, Marybeth is the most consistent member of the OTG family! She has been to class over 70 times since September! You can find MB hanging tough and finishing workouts better than she starts them. Try to keep up! Outside of h...

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$200 Voucher

  • Category: News
  • Published: December 9, 2020

Hey everybody! As thanks for your loyalty, we’re giving you a free $200 gift voucher – $20 each at all 10 Community Coalition brands! Visit communitycoalition.fitness/noquit and enter your info to get a universal code that works at O2, Born Primitive, Four Sigmatic, and 7 other great brands with special offers for loyal gym members ...

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2020 Gear Order

  • Category: News
  • Published: November 24, 2020

Orders due 12/9/2020!

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